'Queer Eye' Alum Carson Kressley's Remarks About Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright Stir Social Media

After former Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star, Carson Kressley came to Justin Timberlake’s defense following his recent controversy with Palmer co-star, Alisha Wainwright in New Orleans where the two were spotted holding hands and the singer was allegedly drunk, social media has all sorts of thoughts on the supposed observation per Kressley. In an interview with TooFab last week, Kressley said he believes the interaction between Timberlake and Wainwright was “totally innocent” and nothing to worry about.

“He was holding hands. I know the body language. I think it was totally innocent,” Kressley, who was formerly a member of the original series told the outlet.

The remarks stirred a vibrant response with social media users, many alleging there was something else going on between the “Sexy Back” singer and Wainwright despite her father publicly responding to reports, revealing there was nothing going on between the two.

“He disrespected his wife. His conduct as a married man was inappropriate,” wrote one fan on Twitter, while another added, “Sorry not sorry to the real JT.”

Several also took to PopCulture.com’s Facebook page, sharing their thoughts and echoing the sentiment found at its rival social network.

“Disappointed in Justin. Holding hands with someone other than your wife is inappropriate!” wrote one reader.

“If your (sic) holding hands with not your wife, your (sic) a dog!” added another.

“I don’t understand why everyone is coming down on him. He clearly was drunk which is no excuse but why is he the one to blame only. She knows he’s married & has her hand on his leg. [What the hell] was she thinking,” wrote another attempting to pass the blame on one party, to which another replied, “They are both at fault.”

Another rebuffed the response, writing: “Well she’s NOT married to Jessica that’s why everyone is coming down hard on him. Hopefully it’s no bradgelina (sic) situation. I been MAD at my husband not the other person.”

“This woman knew what she was doing. Being drunk is no excuse on his part but she did not seem drunk. People who have significant others need to ask yourselves if you saw a coworker holding your man or your woman’s hand at a company party (especially stroking a leg) would you really be cool with it??” wrote another.

“I am a woman and I know body language too! Put your hand on my husbands thigh and see what happens!” wrote one reader at Too Fab’s Facebook.

While shooting for his new movie Palmer in New Orleans in November, Timberlake was spotted holding hands and reportedly getting cozy with his co-star, Wainwright at a bar in photos published by The Sun. Seated alongside the 30-year-old starlet on the balcony of beloved Big Easy site, The Absinthe House, Timberlake was seen holding her hands under a table, with another snapshot captured of Wainwright’s hand on his leg.

With those photos found at The Sun, Timberlake, who has been married to Jessica Biel for seven years, was also spotted not wearing his wedding ring — though many can assume that is for the movie’s role. The Sun alleges he and Wainwright were “chatting and drinking” in the bar at around midnight, with the pair smiling and laughing together. Timberlake has reportedly since felt guilty per sources close to him.

Wainwright’s father, Jeff described his daughter as a “free spirit” in an interview with The Daily Mail, insisting that there is nothing going on between her and Timberlake. The 59-year-old music producer added how his daughter is a just “working on a movie,” and nothing more.


“It’s all just speculation,” Jeff said. “She is in New Orleans doing some work, that is all. They are working on a movie together. I have seen it all over the news. I did not make anything of it, really. I am a music producer, so I am used to all the hoopla. This is the business we are in. This is how it goes.”

Photo credit: Getty Images