Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Finding It 'Extremely Difficult to Walk'

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly finding it increasingly difficult to walk. Amid ongoing concern for the 95-year-old monarch's health, royal sources have claimed that she is finding it "extremely difficult" to walk or stand for long periods of time, forcing her to scale back her royal duties in favor of lighter duties.

Speaking to the Telegraph, royal reporter Phil Dampier alleged, "It's quite simple, really. She's finding it extremely difficult to walk or stand for long periods." The comment was supported by sources who spoke to The Sun and told the outlet that the queen has been struggling to walk for many months now. Those sources claimed that the monarch has been unable to walk her beloved corgis at Windsor Castle for six months, and not since her overnight hospitalization in October, and it is likely she will never be able to again.

"She is not well enough," the sources said. "The queen usually turns to her beloved corgis in time of crisis and stress and took them out almost every day after Philip fell ill and then died last year. They are an enormous source of solace, so it is a real shame."

The alleged update on the queen's health comes amid news that the monarch is scaling back her royal duties. A source who spoke to the Daily Mail earlier in March explained that the queen's diary is "under review." Although she is still said to be "as alert, able and interested as ever," she has begun to face more physical limitations given her age, the source noting, "physically, she isn't as strong as she once was, which is entirely understandable for a woman of her age." The source added that both the queen and royal aides have accepted that the "frailties that come with living a long life" are catching up to the long-reigning monarch.

Amid her difficulties walking, The Sun reported that the royal has had a wheelchair lift installed at Craigowan Lodge in Aberdeenshire, the royal family's stunning seven-bedroom stone cottage that is located just one mile from Balmoral Castle. The lift allows the queen to get to her bedroom without having to use the stairs. The outlet, citing sources, claimed that the monarch plans to spend "much more time" in Scotland following her Platinum Jubilee celebrations and amid her health woes. As such, new CCTV cameras are also set to be installed.