'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel Did Not Move in Together, Despite Tabloid Reports

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott and New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel have been dating for [...]

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott and New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel have been dating for less than a month, but a tabloid report claimed the two have already moved in together. Despite the rumor, the Carpool Karaoke co-stars are not living together. Deschanel started dating Scott just days after announcing her split from husband Jacob Pechenik.

This week's issue of Star magazine claims the couple "aren't waisting any time - because the new couple are already shacking up!" A source allegedly told the tabloid they "just feel it's the righ thing to do. It's natural."

Gossip Cop confirmed Saturday that the rumor is not true. The site notes that Scott spends most of his time in Las Vegas, while Deschanel lives in Los Angeles and Star made no mention of which city they supposedly moved to. Deschanel's two young children were not mentioned in the report, which lacks several details.

A friend of Deschanel's told Gossip Cop the story is "not true on any level."

Back on Sept. 6, Deschanel and Pachenik announced their split after four years of marriage. The couple are parents to Elsie, 4, and Charlie, 2.

"After much discussion and a long period of contemplation we have decided we are better off as friends, business partners and co-parents rather than life partners," the couple said in a joint statement. "We remain committed to our business, our values, and most of all, our children. Thank you for respecting our privacy at this time."

Just six days later, Deschanel and Scott were seen holding hands on their way to a restaurant in Silver Lake, California.

"I am seeing someone," Scott confirmed in an interview with Us Weekly. "I'm a very private person, so I don't typically talk about that. It's definitely special for me because I am the guy who raises the bar in what I'm looking for in a partner. I was caught a little off guard. It was definitely a pleasant surprise."

Deschanel has not commented on the relationship. Her most recent Instagram post, published on Sept. 25, was a photo of flowers.

"Everything is amicable and we have beautiful children together that are that way because we were the parents," Pechenik said in a brief interview with Us Weekly. He said the two plan to co-parent and will "continue to raise" their children and "take great care of them."

Scott's twin brother Drew also chimed in on the new relationship, telling Us Weekly his brother and Deschanel are "both amazing people, and I think it's great."

Photo credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic (Zooey Deschanel); Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images (Jonathan Scott)