Watch Prince William Play Goalie Against Young Female Soccer Player

Prince William might have to brush up on his soccer skills!

Over the weekend, the Duke of Cambridge joined the Wildcats Girls' Football program at his home at Kensington Palace. He joined the young girls in a game of soccer and learned some new moves along the way.

In the clip, posted by Kensington Palace, Prince William stands in the goalie net while a young girl takes her shot. She kicks it right into the left-hand corner of the goal and she scored!

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The goal was met with claps from the crowd and the royal goalie.

Although the prince may have gone easy on her, the footballer definitely has some serious skills.

In the caption of the Instagram video, the palace explains that the program, established by the FA, "aims to inspire girls aged 5–11 to get involved in football, develop skills and gain a lifelong love of sport."


Photo Credit: Twitter / @Cosmopolitan