Prince Harry Just Did Something So Special for a Disabled Veteran

Prince Harry made a surprise appearance on the U.K. TV series Car S.O.S to send a message to a disabled veteran. Former Lance Corporal Stephen Van Niekerk, who lost parts of both legs while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, was presented with a fully repaired Jeep on the National Geographic series. The Duke of Sussex told Van Niekerk he couldn't think of "anyone that deserves this more than you."

Van Niekerk, 36, took his Jeep Grand Cherokee to the Car S.O.S crew because it faced constant mechanical problems. After the vehicle was restored to working order, Van Niekerk received a video message from Harry. "I hope at this point you're sitting in your brand new, or certainly what looks like a brand new Jeep," the prince said, reports BBC News. "Good on you mate, well done, fully, fully, fully deserved. I can't think of anyone that deserves this more than you."

The former serviceman lost his left leg at the hop, his right below the knee, and five fingers after an improvised device exploded during his second tour of Afghanistan in 2009. Van Niekerk was 21 at the time, and a member of the 3rd Battalion the Rifles. Today, he is a motivational speaker for Blesma, The Limbless Veterans charity. He plans to cycle from Canada to Mexico to raise money for the fund.

"After getting injured at such a young age after two tours of Afghanistan, you are the definition of inspiration because you are not defined by your injury," Harry told Van Niekerk. "You are defined by your selflessness to others, to your community, your inspirational talks to young people." The prince, who served in Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot, told the veteran that he is "proud of you."

We're all proud of you... there's a reason you were chosen for this," Harry continued. "So yeah, saddle up and enjoy your new wheels. And then make sure that you get as fit as you can for this next huge adventure that's coming your way and then you can smash that."

Harry is now back in his native U.K. He made a surprise appearance at the High Court Monday, alongside Elton John, Sadie Frost, and Elizabeth Hurley. They are involved in a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers over alleged phone tapping and breaches of privacy, reports BBC News. Harry's attorney argued that the prince has experienced "suspicion and paranoia" after Associated Newspapers published articles using illegally gained information. Associated Newspapers is the publisher of The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday.