Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: What to Know About Their $14M Waterfront Vancouver Island Home

It looks as though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ready for a fresh start! In the midst of their "Megxit" it seems as though Markle is hiding out in a beautiful mansion in Canada, free from royal paparazzi. According to Page Six, the $14 million dollar home based in Vancouver, Canada is called the "Millie Fleurs." The 10,000 square-foot estate comes complete with a game room, media room and pizza oven, while the outside is decorated in gray boulders, six-foot security fencing and a gorgeous bay to overlook. It's reported that this is where the two spent their six-week vacation to catch a breather.

Their choice of living space isn't by chance though, Markle leaned on her childhood friend and actress Katherine McPhee, who's husband David Foster — a music producer — helped the royal couple gain access to Millie Fleurs. The space is rumored to be owned by a Russian billionaire.

Markle was said to be here during negotiations with the Queen and rest of the royal family to decide on what the details will be moving forward for she, Harry and their son Archie. There are still many unanswered questions on subjects like: Will they keep their "HRH" titles, how much "official" work they'll do — if any at all — on behalf of the royal family, will they still receive money from the Queen and Prince Charles, will their security be downsized? All of that is said to be decided this week. The family all met on Monday Jan. 13 to go over everything, and the Queen requested everything be settled within 72 hours.

Even if the two are cut off financially, both are millionaires. Harry's said to be worth $25 million which stems from his inheritance from his mother Princess Diana, as well as, his annual allowance from his father. As for Markle, she earned $40,000 per episode on Suits and is said to be worth around $5 million.


They won't just live on that though, because there's also been talk that Markle could be getting back into the entertainment industry. The 38-year-old recorded an undisclosed voice-over role for Disney. Though she did it with her title as a royal, and royals are not allowed to receive funding from any outside sources, so Disney took the money they were going to use to pay her and donated it to a pet charity of the couples, Elephants Without Borders.

If they are removed completely from their duties as royals, that will open up the door for both of them to dive into work they wouldn't normally be able to do. Only time will tell if the world will see that or not, and soon at that.