Prince Harry Competes With Major Athlete in New Photos

Prince Harry got a good workout in this weekend, and he did it with one of the top athletes in his sport. Photos published by Fox News show Prince Harry playing polo with Argentine champion Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras near his home in Montecito, California. The two have reportedly been friends for quite a while now.

Prince Harry and Figueras met up at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club for a friendly match with the rest of the Los Padres team. They were photographed meeting up and chatting as they stretched before hopping in the saddle. Meghan Markle reportedly watched from the sidelines along with Figueras' wife Delfina and her close friend Markus Anderson. Additionally, Figueras' daughter Aurora took a photo of the two together along with two other players. Figueras posted the photo along with a caption about his friendship with the prince.

"Thrilled to be riding alongside my friend, Prince Harry, and the rest of the Los Padres team at the [Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club] Harry East Memorial Tournament," he wrote. "We've ridden together many times over the years and now that we're both parents, it's extra special to be able to spend this time together. The name Los Padres was inspired by the proximity of the field to the Los Padres National Forest and also by our connection as fathers."

Prince Harry played lots of polo growing up, often with his older brother Prince William. Now that he lives in the U.S. he has apparently continued playing and strengthened his friendship with other players like Figueras. Figueras was reportedly even one of the first people outside of his family to meet Prince Harry's son, Archie.

Figueras has been referred to as the "David Beckham of polo," and is considered one of the most famous players in the sport. He is not only a player but a co-owner of the Black Watch Polo Team. He has also worked as a model and an actor. Back in 2020 he spoke to Fox Sports about growing up with the niche sport of polo in a story thats not dissimilar from Prince Harry's experience.


"I started playing polo on a farm in Argentina when I was little," he said at the time. "So I think just the great thing about starting polo when you're a child, is that you don't really think about it. You just like to be outside riding horses. So I think it's that having fun at the farm with other kids and just running around, not really knowing what you're doing. So, I have the best memories of me growing up riding horses and playing polo with other children."