Pregnant Amy Schumer Reveals Photos of Health Struggles on Christmas

Amy Schumer is not shying away from the less glamorous parts of pregnancy, even during Christmas.

Schumer had a rough holiday on Tuesday, as she documented in an Instagram post. The comedian posted a video of herself throwing up on the side of the road with her husband Chris Fischer waiting in the car. Never one to censor reality, she said "there's some blood" before standing back up again.

"Merry Christmas Ame," said the person behind the camera.

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And so this is Christmas 🎄

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"Merry Christmas," Schumer answered.

The video was couched in an album that included photos of Schumer lying on the floor surrounded by pets, and another of Fischer looking horrified in a car loaded up with dogs, snacks and coffee. Other pictures and one more video showed Schumer and her family in sweatpants and hoodies hanging out with pets and watching TV.

"And so this is Christmas," Schumer captioned the whole post, along with a Christmas tree emoji.

Schumer's fans reached out with support and solidarity for her. Many left comments noting that they, too had experienced non-stop vomiting all throughout their pregnancy, even after the first trimester was over.

"Aww...don't worry - it is all SO worth it!" one person wrote. "Merry Christmas and thanks for all the smiles and chuckles you give to this grandma in Minnesota, Amy."

"Can't even begin to tell you how many times my husband pulled over so I could puke while pregnant," added another. "Not fun at all. The only thing that soothed my stomach were cheeseburgers!"

Many fans were impressed with Schumer for keeping her work schedule even as she suffers through the sickness.

"Oh you poor thing," someone wrote. "So tough but you'll get there even though I'm sure it doesn't feel that way. Don't know how you've managed to stay working through it - one tough cookie."

Schumer was hospitalized just last month for hyperemesis gravidarum according to The Blast, also known as acute morning sickness. Throughout her fraught pregnancy, she has been open about her health struggles, even posting a photo of herself hooked up to an IV. Throughout it all, she has at least kept a good sense of humor about vomit.

"I thought it might be fun to see me throwing up in a public bathroom," she captioned a video earlier this month.


Schumer announced her pregnancy back in October, so we can expect a quick-witted baby sometime in 2019.