Post Malone Shows off Bloody, New Face Tattoo

Post Malone is already covered in ink across most of his body. That doesn't mean he doesn't have a few spots left to fill, and a few artistic choices used to shock folks.

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His latest is right front and center on his face, showing a little bit of blood courtesy of a buzzsaw in the side of his cheek.

The ink was applied on Friday night and shows the buzzsaw or circular saw blade dripping with blood on his cheek, getting the design after his show in Kansas City according to I Heart Radio.

This is far from his first face tattoo but it might go down as his bloodiest. It also wasn't the only tattoo added on Friday night. I Heart Radio adds that Malone's road manager had "Posty Co." tattooed onto his wrist.

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2020 has been a fine year for Malone to this point. He kicked things off with a memorable New Year's Eve on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with host Ryan Seacrest. He performed right at the stroke of midnight and had a blast aside from a moment where he fell off stage mid-performance. And in typical fashion, he laughed it off. Malone also debuted another face tattoo on the night.

He followed that with some major praise from two of country's biggest superstars, Keith Urban and Jason Aldean.

"Post has transcended categorization," Urban said in a chat with Rolling Stone. "I mean he's just Post Malone. Really I think, Post to me is just a pure global rock star. He fits that category better than anybody I can think of right now. Right down to everything about him. Authenticity, the whole lifestyle. Everything legit. He's legit. Crazy talented. He writes great songs.


"A song like 'Circles,' it's just a great song," Urban continued. "Anybody can pick up an acoustic guitar and play 'Circles.' You can sit around the beach and play that song, you know what I mean? It's just a good song."

Most recently, Malone performed at a VIP party during Super Bowl weekend in Miami. There he even had a smooch with a fan, even letting her take a bite on his neck. It's a good time to be Post Malone.

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