Pink Says Comedian Once Told Her 'Put Some Panties on, You're a Mom Now'

Pink is opening about sexism and claiming that she was once told to put on more clothes because of her age.

During a recent interview with the Mirror, the 38-year-old singer opened up about the sexism she has faced in the music industry, detailing a disturbing account of when a male comedian told her to "put some panties on" at the MTV Awards when she was wearing a more revealing outfit.

"A male comedian said, 'Put that s­– away, nobody wants to see that. Put some panties on – you're a mom now," the singer revealed, adding that she thought the remarks were awful and mean.

The 38-year-old replied by telling the man, who the Mirror identified as comedian Marlon Wayans, that "The next time you get invited then you can bring me a pair of pants."

The "Beautiful Trauma" singer went on to claim that that wasn't the only time she's faced sexism in the industry. Her record label allegedly told her that she'd struggle as a pop star now that she's over 35-years-old. But the singer pushed back by flipping the script, her newest album Beautiful Trauma reaching No. 1.


"They wouldn't have the same conversation with a male artist. It was specifically said out loud – they don't pull punches. They weren't being mean or saying it was a good idea – it's just statistically the way it's been for women," she said. "It's out the window now."