Pierce Brosnan Sued Over House Fire That Damaged Neighbor's Home

It's been reported that Pierce Brosnan is being sued over a house fire that scorched his home and a section of his neighbor's home as well.

The fire dates back to 2015, and the former James Bond star is being blamed for the flames reaching neighbor Alexander Haagen's house, according to TMZ.

Allegedly, Brosnan failed to properly dispose of some rage that were said to potentially be spontaneously combustible.

Haagen was paid for the damages by his insurance company back when the incident actually happened, but now the insurance company is suing Brosnan for the payout, citing that they believe the flames never would have spread had he gotten rid of the rags.

While the house fire is certainly unfortunate, Brosnan is lucky that it didn't do more damage like how a recent house fire in New York spread so quickly that it had consumed three city blocks by the time it was put out.

John Gomes, an amateur knifemaker, was trying out a technique he learned from watching the show Forged in Fire, a series that follows various bladesmiths who all compete to create "history's most iconic edged weapons."

After making an error that set his building on fire, the fire quickly spread thoughout his hometown on Cohoes, New York, engulfing the city in smoke and flames and damaging some 20 buildings.

Unfortunately, the 20 to 30 mph winds the city was experiencing at the time only made matters worse, as it helped to spread the fire more quickly.


The mayor of Cohoes, Shawn Morse, told reporters that this "is the worst disaster this city has ever seen."

"We often tell people we don't allow open burns in the city and they often say, 'Why what's the worst that could happen?'" Morse posited. "Well, this open burn just caused millions of dollars of damage and destroyed half our hometown."