Photo of Burned Johnny Depp in Hospital After Alleged Amber Heard Attack Comes Out

The battle between exes Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is raging on, and the Blow actor is adding new fuel to the fire. Depp filed an amended response in his libel lawsuit against News Group Newspapers, including photos of himself after an alleged fight with Heard got nasty.

In the filing, obtained by The Blast, Depp alleged that he and Heard got in a fight in Australia in March 2015. The actor claimed the fight began after Heard spoke with Depp's legal team about his "intention to enter into a post-nuptial agreement." He claimed in the filing this sent Heard "into a rage," The Blast reported.

Depp said he had been avoiding Heard that day. In his attempts, Depp claimed he decided that after a year of sobriety he "sought to avoid Ms. Heard by going to the downstairs bar in the house. She followed him, screaming at him abusively," per the documents obtained by the outlet. Depp said "he poured himself a vodka and drank it."

At that point, the filing stated, Heard threw a bottle at him and missed. Depp alleged in the documents he had another drink and Heard threw another bottle, which severed a portion of his finger. At that point, Depp claimed, "Ms. Heard then put a cigarette out on [Depp's] right cheek."

A photo, also obtained by The Blast, showed Depp lying on a hospital bed in Australia hours after the incident detailed above. That photo shows him with a bandaged hand, and what his team of lawyers claim is a cigarette burn on his face.

You can view the photo here.

Depp admitted that after all that, he "wrote on a mirror and walls in blood and oil paint." He said he was in shock at the time, and denied ever having urinated in the home he and Heard were in, according to The Blast.

The actor also denied Heard's claim he took ecstasy at any point during that trip.

Depp submitted additional evidence in the lawsuit back in February, according to Us Weekly. The new submission included sworn depositions from neighbors and building personnel who interacted with Heard in the days Depp allegedly assaulted her. He also included security camera footage of Heard, hoping it would prove that she was neither bruised nor injured.

"Mr. Depp filed new and previously unseen evidence with the U.K. court, including security camera video clips of Ms. Heard's face in the days following her false beating claims, sworn depositions taken in 2016 from neighbors, eyewitnesses and building personnel who interacted with Ms. Heard in the ensuing days, and more," lawyer Adam Waldman told Us.

Waldman and Depp were hopeful that Heard would bring some evidence forward to contribute to the lawsuit. She called the police back in May 2016 claiming Depp threw a phone at her face with the intention of hurting her. At the time, police found no evidence of a crime and saw no injuries.


"Mr. Depp also gave permission for Ms. Heard to give whatever evidence she wishes in The Sun defamation case," Waldman said. "We look forward to seeing that evidence, which we will hold up against the videos and witness statements we just filed."

Heard filed for divorce at the time of the alleged 2016 attack. Depp, 55, was appalled by the reporting on the matter, and took particular issue with The Sun's claim he "beat" his then-wife. In court documents filed in February, he said the outlet "must have made a positive decision to present a totally one-sided picture, leaving out my side of the story and pretending it either did not exist or was not worth considering."