Phil Collins Reportedly Splits From Ex-Wife Orianne for a Second Time, Seeks to Evict Her

Phil Collins and his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey, have reportedly broken up again and he is looking to evict her from the home he owns in Florida. Cevey allegedly married another man in Las Vegas after she told him she was going there for a business trip, sources told TMZ. Despite the secret marriage, Cevey is still living in Collins' home and is reportedly refusing to leave until he renegotiates their 2008 divorce settlement.

Sources close to Collins, 69, told TMZ his relationship with Cevey, 46, is over for good. Collins gave her until 3 p.m. Friday to leave the Florida home, but she has refused to. He reportedly accused her of changing the security codes and being "unruly" towards the staff. Collins' next plans to file an eviction lawsuit. When Collins and Cevey split in 2008, he reportedly paid her $46.76 million and he claims she squandered the money on bad investments and a costly divorce from Charles Mejjati, an investment banker she married after her divorce from Collins.

A marriage certificate obtained by The Sun reportedly shows Cevey married businessman Thomas Bates, 31, during a Las Vegas trip in August. Collins has not commented on the situation. Cevey's lawyer, Frank Maister, told The Sun, "We will deal with Mr. Collins in the courthouse, not the gossip column."
Collins and Cevey met when she was 21 and worked as his translator during a 1994 Switzerland tour. They married in 1999 and first divorced in 2006. Cevey married Metajji, but the union ended in divorce and she reunited with Collins in 2016. They lived in Miami with their sons, Nicholas, 19, and Matthew, 15. When they reunited, Collins told PEOPLE that they had not discussed getting married again.

The two have also experienced health struggles in recent years. Cevey was left partially paralyzed after a spinal operation in 2014. She later regained her mobility and said Collins was "great" at supporting her. Collins also had back surgery in 2015 and was hospitalized in 2017 after falling in his bathroom. When he performed in the U.S. last year, Collins sang while sitting in a chair. Collins suffers from nerve damage and multiple foot fractures.

"I don’t know if I’ll ever be fit enough to play the drums again on tour," the "In The Air Tonight" singer told PEOPLE in 2017. "My left arm has changed – it’s a neural thing. The back surgery I had was great – I mean, how good can surgery be? But it was problem-free. But then when I was recovering on crutches, I fell and fractured my foot. When I recovered from foot surgery, I fell again and fractured another part of the same foot. My right foot now is completely numb."