Paris Hilton Now Involved in Aaron Carter Drama, Photo Reveals

Aaron Carter recently accused his older brother and Backstreet Boys member, Nick Carter of raping a 91-year-old woman and now he's bringing Paris Hilton into the conversation with his latest message, claiming: "I witnessed the abuse to Paris from my brother," sharing how Hilton herself liked the tweet he wrote when mentioning her name. He subsequently took to Instagram to show off where Hilton seemed to be in his favor, and fans took their thoughts to the comment section.

"So just out of curiosity, when Paris and Nick were at the awards show (I forget which) and she had a busted lip-was that from Nick?" one fan asked.

Someone else encouraged the singer to just let things be after venting so much on social media, posting, "Dude, live [your] life peacefully. Let [your] brother live his life too. Don't you be happy too that your another nephew will be born soon?"

One follower showed their concern for Hilton, writing, "I hope she's ok with you bringing this to the media again... Best wishes to all of you [heart emoji]."

After the recent restraining order Nick took out against his brother, Carter admitted to TMZ that he got rid of his guns by selling three and turning the other two into police. When he was asked if he would go back to get more guns after the restraining order was lifted, he said, "That's no one's business."

He also mentioned that he's working closely with his doctors to fix on his drug addiction: "I've already tapered off of Xanax now, for five days."

Recently, Carter took to Instagram again to rant about his brother, requesting the FBI look into a possible incident after accusing his brother of raping a 91-year-old woman.


"Hey [FBI] my brother raped Mildred and told me in confidence in his pick up truck she was 91 years old and my brother told me he covered her mouth so no one could hear her scream," he posted then requesting that they hook him up to a polygraph to ensure the 31-year-old is telling the truth.

He also posted a video of himself singing an NSYNC song while wearing a shirt with the popular boy band on it then slamming BSB fans.