Pamela Anderson Styles Her Famous '90s Updo With a G-String

You'll never guess what Pamela Anderson keeps in her designer handbags. While most women carry tissues, maybe candy, lipgloss, and their wallets, Anderson has that and more. While speaking about her iconic style in a video interview for British Vogue, the 11-time Playboy Magazine cover star revealed the essentials she carries around in her nearly $1,700 Stella McCartney handbag. Some may be shocked that she carried around a G-string thong that has dual purpose as a hair scrunchie. "Don't know why I have a G-string in my purse," the 55-year-old Baywatch alum said as she pulled out a baby pink thong. She then gave a little-known secret for ladies in need of a hair tie. "Don't tell me that you don't have a scrunchie. This is the trick of the trade. We're really flashing back to the '90s," she explained while styling her hair in a bun with the thong. She added that she "always had a pair of panties in them."

Anderson has been promoting her new Netflix documentary, Pamela, a love story, that coincides with the release of her first memoir, Love, Pamela. The documentary and book details her upbringing in Canda before she moved to LA at the age of 18 where she landed the cover of Playboy. Her career took off from there. But what she always desired was love. 

Her string of romances is highlighted, including brief relationships with John Peters, Mario Van Pebbles, and Julian Assange. She married four times: Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Rick Solomon, and Dan Hayhurst. But she maintains her one and only true love was rocker, Lee. 

In her memoir, she writes of Lee: "My relationship with Tommy may have been the only time I was ever truly in love." They split after four years of marriage after Lee was arrested for domestic abuse. She says in the documentary that he begged her to stay with him. But, she does wish things could have been different for them.