Ozzy Osbourne Under Consideration for Major Royal Honor

Ozzy Osbourne has many big achievements to his name, and now the heavy metal Prince of Darkness is under consideration for a major royal honor. Loudwire reports that Australian Black Sabbath fan Helen Maidiotis has been trying for many years to get Osbourne considered for Knighthood. Now, she has gotten closer than ever, sharing a promising letter she received from the British government regarding her request.

"As you are aware Mr. Osbourne has been under consideration for an honour for a while," the letter reads. "Unfortunately to date he has been unsuccessful. As I am sure you will appreciate, there is extremely fierce competition for the very limited number of awards available. The fact that Mr. Osbourne is not recognised by an honour does not mean that his contribution is not appreciated. With some 1,000 awards available in each round, and perhaps six or seven times that number of nominations, unfortunately it is not possible for every candidate, however valuable their service, to succeed."

The letter went on to add, "However, I can confirm his case remains under consideration at this time. If you have any additional supporting information you would like to share with us, you would be most welcome to do so. We can then ensure his case continues to receive full and careful consideration. However, as we have previously explained, we can unfortunately give no guarantee as to the eventual outcome or timescale.

The Black Sabbath frontman hasn't made too many public appearances over the past few years, due to health issues, but he is determined to change that. While speaking to Yahoo, the Black Sabbath singer opened up about his new international tour dates — scheduled for 2023— and explained, "I just wanna get back on that stage. I've gotta get back on that stage. It's driving me nuts, not being able to," Osbourne said. "I can't relax. I've always gotta be doing something.

"I mean, I could say let's call it a day, but I can't stop," he continued. "There's nothing like a good gig, and there's nothing like a bad gig – because a bad gig makes you wanna do a good gig, better than before! A great gig is better than any sex or drug. There's nothing to compare it to." The Ozzfest founder later admitted, "I can remember when I was 69 and thinking, 'I wonder when I'll start to feel old, when I'll start to feel everything?' And suddenly, when I turned 70, the floodgates opened. It was one thing after the other. ... This is the longest time I've been sick in my life."