Ozzy Osbourne Makes Surprise Return to Performing Amid Health Issues

Amid various health issues, Ozzy Osbourne recently made a surprise return to performing. BBC Sport reports that the legendary Birmingham rocker and his Black Sabbath bandmates showed up to help close out the Commonwealth Games. The iconic heavy metal godfathers reportedly received a roaring welcome from the crowd at the Alexander Stadium, with has a 30,000-person capacity.

"I love you, Birmingham – it's good to be back!" The 73-year-old singer said to the crowd before the band went into their classic tune Paranid. Notably, BBC Sport reports that the "Prince of Darkness" has not performed in quite some time due to health issues. Most recently, Osbourne had to have spinal surgery, with his wife Sharon revealing in mid-June that she'd be taking a break from the U.K.'s The Talk for around one month in order to be with her husband through his procedure and recovery. It was their daughter Kelly who revealed that Osbourne was going to be undergoing spinal surgery.

The Black Sabbath frontman hasn't made too many public appearances lately, with his health possibly being a factor. In 2020, Osbourne had a setback in his physiotherapy for Parkinson's Disease, due to the circumstance created by the Covid-19 pandemic. In November, his wife Sharon appeared on the Dr. Oz Show and revealed that he'd finally been able to resume his treatment. "He's doing great. He's doing really, really good," she said when asked about her husband's health. "Unfortunately, at the beginning of lockdown, he couldn't have his physiotherapy and he was like, four months without any physiotherapy, which kind of set him back a bit."

Following the shocking reveal of his Parkinson's diagnosis, Osbourne opened up about the idea of dying, saying that he doesn't "dwell on it." During a 2020 interview with Kerrang, the "Crazy Train" singer said: "Do I ever think about when my time's gonna come? I think about it; I don't worry about it. I won't be here in another 15 years or whatever, not that much longer, but I don't dwell on it. It's gonna happen to us all. Am I happy now? No. I haven't got my health. That thing knocked the s— out of me, man, but I'm still here," he went on to say, referring to a bout of pneumonia that hit him in 2019, causing the legendary rock star to have to cancel multiple concert dates. "In fact, I worried about [death] more when I was younger than I do now. I just try to enjoy things as much as possible, even though that's so f—ing hard sometimes."

At the time, Osbourne said he felt mended and ready to get back in the game, saying, "If you saw me at the beginning of last year you'd think I was f—ed. But I honestly think making this album is the best medicine I could have had. I was doing something, something I like to do. I wish I could do more, but it just felt great."