'Orange Is the New Black' Star Ruby Rose's Ex Accuses Her of 'Continued Harassment'

Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose has been accused of "continued harassment" by her ex.

According to Us Weekly, Rose commented "Congrats" on a photo of her ex-girlfriend Jessica Origliasso kissing her new girlfriend Kai Carlton. "So happy for you both," she added.

Origliasso — who is one-half of Australian pop-rock band The Veronicas with her twin sister — seemed to take issue with this, however, and let Rose know it.

“I have requested you not contact me for over 4months now,” she replied to Rose. “You have been given my grace of being ignored on every other private platform, so the fact that you continue to ignore this here publicly under the guise of wishing me well, is continued harassment.”

Rose seemed surprised by the reply, and responded, “That is news to me. Copy that. Good vibes only.”

Rose and Origliasso first dated back in 2008, but then split for a few years and got back together in 2016. In April 2018, Rose announced that they had broken up again, taking to Instagram to make a statement about their split.

“I’ve shared the past two years learning and sharing my life with an amazing human being,” she said in the post. “An experience for which I am very blessed. Break ups are always incredibly hard on the people involved but I can only be grateful for the experiences shared.”

“It’s with a heavy heart to share that Jess and I parted ways a few months ago. We still love each other very much, and I will always support her and be her biggest advocate,” Rose added.

Interestingly, Origliasso previously stated that dating Rose greatly affected her outlook on marriage equality.

"When I did the speech for the last marriage-equality rally I was dating a boy. I remember writing the speech thinking that I’m treated as a fully equal citizen. Now purely because of the gender of the person I am in love with, I have those rights taken away," she said in a 2016 interview, as reported by Australia's News.com. “It’s a really confronting feeling. We cannot get married.”

“I’m at an age now where I’d like to settle down, I want to have children. I like the romantic idea of that. All my closest friends are gay. All of them," she went on to say at the time. "None of my best friends can get married, not a single one. It was already personal, but now I’m dating Ruby it’s obviously now incredibly personal."


“We’re seeing marriage equality dropped off from being a priority, and it’s not even something that Malcolm Turnbull is considering, I feel emotional rage over it," Origliasso added. "It really feels like we’re taking a step backwards. It’s incredibly hard to comprehend. It’s only inspired us to want to speak out louder, campaign harder and be a bigger voice.”

At this time, Rose does not appear to be seriously dating anyone.