Meryl Streep Ready to Write a Check If Oprah Runs for President

Oprah Winfrey's incredible speech at Sunday's Golden Globes has sparked rumors of a 2020 presidential run, and legendary actress Meryl Streep is ready to write some campaign donation checks if that happens.

Streep turned up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, alongside Tom Hanks, her co-star from The Post, and the conversation between the three of them eventually turned to Winfrey.

As seen in a clip from the show that was shared by EW, DeGeneres made a reference to Winfrey's partner Stedman saying that it's "up to the people" if she runs for office, to which Streep fired back, “Where do I send the check?

Hanks brought the conversation back around to Winfrey as well, describing the scene around him while she was on stage accepting the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement.

“While she was speaking, out on the patio at the [Beverly] Hilton hotel… the waters separated in the pool,” said Hanks. “Some of the staff were walking down along the tile from the deep-end and up and getting out. It stayed there for awhile and then it pushed back in. But she did part the waters right there — it was very, very impressive.”

“Yep, that’s Oprah,” DeGeneres chimed in.

“You realize how we thirst for that,” Streep then added. “We really want that kind of elevated, aspirational, can-do, optimistic attachment to the principals of our country.”

“Caring for our people,” concluded DeGeneres. “And paying attention to who’s watching. These young girls that are watching and actually knowing that words have power.”


This wasn't the first Streep had opened up about her thoughts on Oprah running for President.

Following the award show on Sunday she said, “[Oprah] launched a rocket tonight. I want her to run for president. I don’t think she had any intention [of declaring]. But now she doesn’t have a choice.”