Olivia Munn Rocks Daisy Dukes in New Photo With Adopted Dog Frankie

Olivia Munn is enjoying her dog daze with her adopted pup Frankie in a new post on Instagram. Munn [...]

Olivia Munn is enjoying her dog daze with her adopted pup Frankie in a new post on Instagram. Munn posted a precious picture of herself and Frankie curled up on the couch on Sunday, herself in daisy duke shorts and a tank top, and Frankie wrapped up in a blanket.

"All the feels," Munn captioned her new photo. She tagged Frankie's dedicated Instagram post in the photo, and added the hashtags "shelter pet" and "adopt don't shop." She also tagged the Shelter Pet Project, a charity she works with often.

Fans went wild for the photo of Munn and Frankie in their natural habitat. Many left comments complimenting one or both of them, and commenters declared the photo to be "wholesome content." For some, it was the first time they had realized Munn's dog had his own Instagram account.

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All the feels @frankie_frankie_frank #shelterpet #adoptdontshop @shelterpetproject

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Frankie's Instagram feed is dedicated to the dog's best antics. It states his full name as "Frankie the Rapper," and includes pictures and videos of him making his home in Munn's house. There are many pictures of Frankie with Munn's family, friends and other pets.

This includes another puppy named Sir Chancelot, or Chance, who has an Instagram as well. The two of them seem to have the run of Munn's house, with the help of occasional visitors.

Munn dedicates a lot of time and energy to her work with pet shelters and adoption services. Frankie and Chance's feeds are full of nods to The Shelter Pet Project, Social Tees and Love Leo Rescue, the two shelters where Munn adopted Chance and Frankie respectively.

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It's been a busy week for our paralyzed girl Scooty. If this face doesn't look familiar, recap: We met her at an underfunded shelter a few hours outside of Los Angeles almost two weeks ago and were able to rescue her thanks to your donations. She'd been stuck there dragging herself around for over half a year without proper vet care. Her skin was destroyed, and her legs twisted under her like ropes, but gosh if she isn't the happiest creature we've met. She's in an NYC foster home now with a smattering of other critters for company, she's had a few vet appointments, she rubbed elbows with @oliviamunn the other day (omg! they had a blast!), and her skin is healing by the minute with the help of oral meds plus medicated baths. Yesterday's consultation with a board certified surgeon got us an official diagnosis: T3 - L3 myelopathy, which is a severe injury to the spinal cord from trauma. (Guess is she was either hit by a car or kicked/struck with something.) She also has severe luxating patellas from longterm atrophy. We had originally hoped water therapy and/or laser therapy might help her regain use of her hind legs, but our surgeon said that won't get her too far and that wheels are our next step... which will be awesome, because Scooty has energy for days. Her foster mom says: "Scooty loves cats and loves to play fetch! She's getting used to the city from her comfy bag — she gets carried around like a queen from spot to spot. One of the funniest things we've come across is that didn't know what a mirror was and barked at herself but since has decided that she is a beauty and is now on good terms with her reflection. When we feed her pieces of human food she gets beyond excited — she takes it to her blanket and tries to burry it, eventually she'll eat it. We're starting her in diapers soon and learning how to express her bladder since she doesn't seem to have much control over when and where she goes. We are very excited to get her in wheels because she is so playful, truly is a cutie and makes us laugh every day." Keep an eye out for more updates as Scooty heals, and thank you to everyone for the positive energy and support! (Pic 1 by @flobophoto) #love

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Munn's feed occasionally includes photos of other pets as well as she helps to try and find them a home. Just this week, Munn posed with Scooty, a dog recently rescued by Shelter Tees with paralysis in her hind legs and patches of missing fur, including on her face. Munn hoped to use her social media presence to help Scooty find a home.

"This dog is pretty special," she wrote. "She's been through so much, yet she has the happiest disposition (as you'll see in the videos in this swipe). Her fur will all grow back in soon and she'll be even more ridiculously cute."

Social Tees later posted an update saying that Scooty was being treated for her needs, and had been moved to a foster home while awaiting adoption. There has no news since, but Scooty is no longer listed among the shelter's available pets, so perhaps Munn's signal boost did its job.