Noah Cyrus Was 'Suicidal' Because of Internet Trolls

Noah Cyrus is fighting back against those who attacked her online after learning of her engagement. "Since i've announced something so pure and happy for me and my life the internet and commenters have been working so hard to take the joy, love and happiness from me," said the 23-year-old singer in two posts she made on her Instagram Story on Thursday, the Page Six reported. Cyrus's candid posts, no longer accessible, were written in white text over a dark background three days after she announced she was engaged to fashion designer Pinkus. They expressed frustration with users who called her "ugly" and "commenting on my face and body as you all did when i was just 11-12 years old.. when i was still forming my brain." "I was lead to believe by these same people on the internet that myself that little girl self didn't deserve to live because she was not good enough and did not reach your beauty standards," Cyrus wrote in the posts via Page Six.

The singer described previously being affected by the cruelness of the internet in addition to struggling with suicidal thoughts and addictions. She wrote, "I've been reminded again today how deeply f— up the internet is and how it turned me against myself and lead [sic] myself to believe I should kill myself, wasn't worth living, ended up suicidal and depending on drugs." "I worry so deeply for the children growing up on the internet and for my own children. no one deserves the words I've read today," she shared, adding that she is "lucky" to be in a place where she is not encouraged to "hurt" herself over such comments. "The internet is hell on earth and we're all here together. Have a good day," she continued. In another Instagram Story post, Cyrus said she shared her ideas in defense of others being affected by "these same words being told to them and far worse."

"We live in 2023 we have GOT to stop judging people for who they love, what they look like, where they come from, and how THEY live THEIR lives," stating that she was "sick of it" and that "people are losing their lives to these types of words." In closing, Cyrus described the hatred she received as "murderous words that you people drop at the press of a button and there is never any accountability held. i'm so tired of seeing it on the daily. it really makes me sick." Earlier this week, she shared a heartwarming Instagram post celebrating her engagement to Pinkus, featuring an array of photographs of her and her fiancé, in addition to a shot of her elegant engagement ring. "The greatest moment of my entire life was saying 'yes' to spending the rest of ours together. this past month of being your fiancé and being in our own little world of just us two has been so perfect and i wish i could never leave this time," she wrote alongside some photos of the two of them at various events and casual gatherings.