Nicolas Cage Says He Was 'Drinking to the Point of Intoxication' Before Wedding to Erika Koike

Nicolas Cage reportedly claimed he was "too drunk" to get married to girlfriend Erika Koike according to his request for annulment obtained by The Blast. The documents state that he and Koike were "drinking to the point of intoxication" before the wedding and he "lacked understanding" of his actions.

This would support the alleged video showing Cage before obtaining documents from a Las Vegas courthouse, showing what appears to be the actor shouting and causing a scene.

Cage's annulment documents note that the couple's condition made the actor "incapable" of agreeing to the marriage and the decision was "on impulse without the ability to recognize or understand the full impact of his actions."

The actor also adds that Koike did not reveal "the full nature and extent of her relationship with another person" and "her criminal history" which the filing claims include fraud and "active criminal proceedings."

According to The Blast, Koike was reportedly charged with a DUI in Las Vegas back in 2018, pleading not guilty last week with another court date in June. They also add that she agrees the marriage was a mistake and doesn't plan to fight the annulment.

Since the revelations claimed in the documents, the couple has reportedly split and Cage "kicked" Koike out his house and "made arrangements" for her to go somewhere else.

The Blast added that the star isn't going to publicly address the decision and has asked the court to seal his filing going forward. Still, the bulk of the information is currently public and the video of the incident went viral online preceding the request for an annulment.

In the clip that has made the rounds, Cage can allegedly be heard yelling that Koike was going to "take all my money."

"They started by filling the application in one of the machines," The Daily Mail reported at the time. "The whole time he was yelling, 'she is going to take all of my money' and 'her ex is a druggy, her ex is a druggy."

The Daily Mail also added that Koike said she was "not asking" Cage to get married while calming him and going to a private room to finish paperwork.


Cage and Koike were first spotted together back in April 2018, when the actor was spotted with the makeup artist during a shoot in Puerto Rico.

This is just the latest alleged drama to hit the Face Off actor in recent years. Another alleged ex accused the actor of abuse in September 2018. The accusations followed a restraining order request by Cage's ex-wife Alice Kim, with the ex, Vickie Park, claiming that Kim was "stalking and harassing" her and left her fearing to leave her home. Cage and Kim separated in 2016.