Nicki Minaj Goes After Wendy's on Twitter Over Spicy Nuggets

Fast food chain Wendy’s is no stranger to beef with others on social media, but they recently found themselves in a Twitter spat with rapper Nicki Minaj following the announcement that Spicy Chicken Nuggets would be returning to the menu.

The beloved fast food chain had announced on Monday, June 24 that the fan-favorite menu item would be making its grand return in August after being absent for years.

Although the announcement was met with cheers from fans, Minaj still had a few choice words for the fast food chain: “Why do y’all keep taking it off the menu in the first place?”

Spicy Chicken Nuggets had first debuted on the Wendy’s menu in 2017, though they disappeared just as quickly as they had come. During their short run, the menu item had quickly risen to be a fan-favorite, and in the years since they had disappeared, fans have begged Wendy’s to return the spice to the menu.

Despite Minaj’s comment, Wendy’s doesn’t seem to have plans to make Spicy Chicken Nuggets a permanent offering.

However, that hasn’t stopped many from demanding that the nuggets stay, and some have even contradicted Wendy’s statement that the menu item just doesn’t sell enough to make them a permanent fixture.

“lies, i know everyone isn’t buy that peppercorn mushroom melt but it’s still on the menu,” one person wrote.

“Wendy sis EVERYBODY was buying them...” another added.

“Nah...I don’t see how anyone would willingly choose regular nuggets over spicy...” commented a third.


Of course, getting Spicy Chicken Nuggets back on the menu even in a limited capacity was no easy feat. After Chance the Rapper took to Twitter in May with his “positive affirmations” that “Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point please please Lord let it be today,” the chain had made a deal: two million likes on their post and the nuggets would live to see another day.

Proving just how popular the menu item truly is, that number of likes was surpassed within a matter of hours, and Wendy’s announced on Monday that they were keeping good to their word and that the Spicy Chicken Nuggets would be back on menus on Monday, Aug. 19.