'NCIS' Alum Pauley Perrette Says Her Stalker Has Come After Her Again

Former NCIS actress Pauley Perrette claimed her stalker has come "back after me" in a tweet calling out the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. Perrette also claimed the stalker is using a photo of an innocent young Black man when he is really an "old White guy." Perrette has been a longtime advocate for strong laws against stalking, as she was allegedly attacked herself in November 2015.

"Ok World Stalker is back using fake name/pic," Perrette wrote Monday. "I’m not on FB or IG but can we solve a mystery together? Who’s this (totally INNOCENT) guy in this photo? Stalker usually poses as young girls, Stalker is actually an old white guy. Does ANYONE know this guy who’s pic he’s using now?" She later insisted the man in the photo was "totally innocent" and has nothing to do with her stalker. "My stalker is an old white guy USING this young man’s pic, as he has used so many innocent people’s photos, to stalk me on Twitter."

Next, she tagged the new Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and his office. "DO YOU THINK IT IS A COINCIDENCE THAT MY THRICE CONVICTED STALKER SUDDENLY COMES BACK AFTER ME WHEN YOU ANNOUNCE THAT YOU WON’T HOLD STALKERS ACCOUNTABLE?" she wrote. "Our blood... MY BLOOD... is on YOUR HANDS! How dare you."

After Gascon was sworn in on Dec. 7, he announced several criminal justice reforms in Los Angeles, including plans to end cash bail for minor offensives, the death penalty and charging juveniles as adults, reports CNN. Although critics of ending cash bail say it brings unfair consequences for the poor, many do not support ending it. California's Proposition 25, which would have ended it statewide, failed. The Los Angeles Police Protective League also called ending it a "disturbing" move.


Perrette was allegedly attacked by a homeless man named David Merck in November 2015. He was released from a state psychiatric institution in February 2018. After his release, the former Broke actress said she was living in fear and was afraid he would attack again.

In 2017, Perrette spoke out about being the victim of a stalker in an episode of 48 Hours. At the time, she said she was "completely suicidal" at one point during the ordeal and struggled to get law enforcement to take her seriously. The first victimization is being stalked and terrorized and harassed and the second victimization is that the system does not work for stalking victims," Perrette said. "It simply does not."