'NCIS' Actress Pauley Perrette Disheartened by Sexual Assault Tweet Responses

Pauley Perrette took to Twitter to vent her frustrations about the ongoing rash of sexual assault revelations throughout the country, but she didn't get the response she wanted.

It all began when, the NCIS actress sent a message out on Tuesday that was a pretty clear cut condemnation of sexual assault and pedophilia.

"Will there EVER BE A TIME when we agree sexual assault and pedophilia is WRONG?" Perrette wrote. "This is not partisan It’s HUMAN! All sides HAVE BEEN GUILTY."

Looking at the replies, there seems to be a lot of people backing up Perrette's thoughts. However, whenever Perrette first tweeted it, there were apparently numerous supporters of those accused of sex crimes.

The actress, who has previously opened up about her own sexual assault experience, expressed how disheartened she was at her fellow citizens.

"So sadly, most replies to my last tweet have confirmed again my almost total lack of faith in humanity," she wrote. "This is not my planet. I await heaven. Think humanity, not politics. I am wounded by who we have become."


This isn't the first time Perrette has been so vocal about how the world has reacted to the issue of sexual assault. She spoke out after the Harvey Weinstein allegations first broke by conveying the responses of her and those around her.

“I have not spoken to a single female who is ‘shocked’ by all this news. I think a few good men are shocked, but not women,” she wrote. “We have all dealt with this in every profession, scenario and age since we were born. For real, not a single female has said ‘WHAT?’… We are all like ‘Yup.’ That’s how it is. Been there. And it sucks.”