'NCIS' Alum Pauley Perrette Posts Photo With LAPD Officer, Reveals She Sponsors Their Kids Program

Broke star and former NCIS actress Pauley Perrette shared a cool photo with a Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood officer on Thursday. The CBS star revealed she sponsors the Hollywood Police Activities League' kids program to help underprivileged youth in the city.

pauley perrette police officer twitter
(Photo: Twitter/Pauley Perrette)

The photo shows Perrette, 50, hugging an officer with her assistant Joey, and wearing a red, yellow and white "Team Pauley" shirt.

"Oh my shirt! It's my [Team Pauley] soccer shirt from the [LAPD Hollywood] [Hollywood PAL]. I sponsor their kids program. Pay for uniforms for underprivileged youth to play soccer coached by cops! And I get a team shirt! It's an AWESOME program!" Perrette wrote.

Perrette shared another photo from the event, adding in one tweet, "I just had one of the best nights ever! So much love, so many friends, so many cops!"

She also revealed the officer in the photo is Commanding Officer Corey Palka.

"Yes, Corey Palka... is REAL! And that handsome!!! He's also like 6'5". I'm 5'10" he just makes us look short," Perrette wrote.

Perrette's night with police officers came a day after she posted several scary tweets, revealing she was hospitalized on Wednesday after doing some home repairs by herself. She even shared photos of her banged up hand.

"Hey haters, yes I'm accident prone! But I install my own lights, I fix my own A/C, I do my own stuff, I'm a rough and tumble Alabama kid who hurts her redneck self sometimes," Perrette tweeted. "But not a spoiled brat. I do stuff! On my own! And sometimes get my hand caught in a fan!"

She later said getting hurt was worth it.

"I replaced my faucet and sink, fixed my A/C, installed 29 safety lights, replaced my gate and locks, built my own storage, installed ramps for my wheelchair pals, and everything else," the actress added. "I'm NOT a spoiled celebrity. I'm a redneck that gets shit done! And yeah, I get injured Worth it."

Perrette recently filmed the first batch of episodes of Broke, her new CBS sitcom. After taking a one-season break from television, she chose to return in a half-hour comedy instead of another drama. In the series,

Perrette stars as Jackie, a single mother and bartender, living with her son Milo (Antonio Raul Corbo). Her life is changed instantly when her snooty sister Elizabeth (Natasha Leggero) shows up with her formerly rich husband Javier (Jane the Virgin star Jaime Camil). To make things worse, Javier brought along his assistant Luis (Izzy Diaz).

Broke's pilot was written by Alex Herschlag (Will & Grace, Modern Family). CBS plans to debut the show during midseason, so it will likely not air until early 2020.


Photo credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Project Angel Food