'NCIS' Alum Pauley Perrette Clarifies Tweet About Wanting to Get to Heaven

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette is offering a little clarity after sparking concern among fans with a Friday tweet. After writing that she "can't wait to get to Heaven," the actress returned to the social media platform to ensure fans she is doing well and that her message was no indication of mental duress.

Perrette, best known for portraying Abby Sciuto on NCIS, said that her initial tweet sparked worry from her neighbor, who sent her a text after seeing it. She explained that while she is "excited about heaven," she knows that "the Lord has me here to do good things until my work is done." She said that reaching heaven is something that is on "God's timetable" and not hers.

Perrette's statement came just days after fans took to the social media platform to send their support after they grew worried. On Sept. 25, the actress issued a tweet in which she claimed she was "stuck on Earth" and couldn't "wait to get to Heaven." In the tweet, she explained that she dreamed of being around people who are "dedicated, grounded in respecting others, who have empathy and feel other's pain, who are PROUD to not offend or harm or disturb other's peace, who find JOY in being kind, helpful, good and caring."

That tweet immediately sparked a heavy response, with many asking "are you alright?" Several fans noted that the message "sounds not good" and encouraged her not to "give up on this world." Several wrote, "we need you here on earth," while others urged the actress to “just breath deep and live one moment at the time as well as you can.”

The tweet came amid a difficult time for Perrette, who lost her aunt earlier this month. The actress revealed on Sept. 21 that her Aunt Vicki "died suddenly," and that she had been left "devastated" by her loss. Remembering her as "one of my favorite people," Perrette revealed that her aunt was a "great mother" to her and her siblings after her mother, Donna Bell, died in 2002 from breast cancer. In her Tuesday tweet, Perrette had said that one reason she was excited to get to Heaven was the chance to see her mother again. She also said that she wanted to see "family and friends again."