'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland and Fiance Wells Adams Hilariously Parody 'Tiger King' Subjects Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin

The end of Modern Family coupled with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made the current period very stressful for star Sarah Hyland. She is immunocompromised making her at risk for the disease, meaning she is spending the end of a major chapter in life behind closed doors to save her life.

Luckily she's not alone thanks to fiance Wells Adams. She also, like many others currently cooped up inside, took in Netflix's docuseries hit Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. That made for a fun precursor to this year's Halloween as Hyland and Wells dressed like series subject Joe Exotic and his Florida-based nemesis Carole Baskin.

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The 29-year-old put on her best snakeskin jacket, tiger print shirt, and a drawn-on mustache to play the current inmate. Meanwhile, The Bachelorette alum put on a wig and a pink bow to play Baskin while planting a big kiss on Hyland-Exotic's cheek.

"That b–ch Carole Baskin killed her husband,” Hyland wrote in the caption for the photoset. After the kiss, Wells reveals a package of sardines while Hyland is holding a stuffed doll of Simba from The Lion King. Fans of the couple were entertained, confused and mystified by the post.

"The fact that you guys have all that shit in the house is amazing," one commenter wrote.

"If this isn’t couple goals, i don’t know what is," another added.

"Lol y’all are perfect," a third wrote.

Not everybody was praising the actress, though. There have been some who have been critical of couples' costume decisions.

"It’s fun to glorify animal abusers!" a commenter wrote, including the hashtags "gross," "do better," and "make animal abuse fun."

Tiger King has been a divisive topic for some since it premiere on Netflix, making the comment above less of a surprise. Not only have some viewers been critical of how the show portrays its characters, but the subjects on the show are fairly upset themselves. That includes Baskin herself.


"I just feel so angry that people have totally missed the point," Baskin said to The Tampa Bay Times. "And the point is these cubs are being abused and exploited and the public is enabling that."

Hyland and Wells didn't respond to the criticism, but it is hard to be tough on them when the bulk of viewers likely find the photos to be hilarious. And it might be likely to see some other names land on Exotic's Hollywood wishlist.