Model Megan Skye Blancada Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

The popular model is facing some serious allegations.

Bikini model and small-time actress from Wolf Creek is being accused of child sex abuse after being arrested for the alleged abuse of a teen boy. Megan Skyle Blancada is accused of sexual abuse of a boy under the age of 16 and possession of child exploitation material.

According to The Daily Mail, the incidents happened between July 30, 2021, and Nov. 5, 2023. Blancada describes herself as a fitness model and promotes her roles in movies like Wolf Creek and Hey Hey Its Esther. She has also claimed to have modeled for Mitsubishi and Bank SA. She even claims she wrote a book titled Shadow Hunters: Shadows in the Wall.

In court, her lawyer told Magistrate Simon Smart that Blancada would plead guilty to "unlawful sexual intercourse and two indecent assaults." The legal teams in the case will argue and negotiate the plea through May 1. Blancada was present but didn't offer any statement before or after leaving the courthouse.

While she is still navigating her legal issues, the model is still free and has parents upset that she is still allowed to bring her son to school. The angry group let their concerns be known to The Daily Mail, claiming they were being ignored by the school leadership.

"This woman currently has easy access to children at our school and I am very worried about the other children," a letter from the parents read. "I can't help believe that if (Blancada) was a male, (she) too would be banned from the school grounds and engaging with children (until the charges were resolved). A teacher told us that Megan has been reported to (school leadership) and concerns raised about her, but they were ignored."

A follow-up with the school principal notes that Blancada has since been banned from all school grounds and facilities. She'll be back in court in May to see the result of her plea.