Milo Ventimiglia Admits Falling Into Pool at Golden Globes Afterparty

At least one of the infamous after parties following last night’s Golden Globes got a little crazy. Milo Ventimiglia got on Instagram Live last night after the festivities, admitting he’d fallen in the pool.

The This Is Us star sported wet hair and glasses last night in the front-facing camera video, where he recalled what a great night he’d had at the HBO party, held in the Beverly Hilton Hotel. He congratulated his co-star, Sterling K. Brown, who won the award for Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama.

“Good time at The Globes tonight,” Ventimiglia said. “Congratulations Sterling, I’m excited. And everyone else — great night. I’m back home, I’m studying for tomorrow,” he said, brandishing a script for his followers to see.

“And yes, I fell in the pool,” the actor finished with a deadpan expression.

Ventimiglia might have been coming clean to get ahead of the news cycle, as his fall didn’t go unnoticed. A reporter from NPR tweeted about seeing the incident, confirming that the fall was accidental. He included a photo of the pool as well, revealing the impossibly small area Ventimiglia had fallen into.

Aside from the This Is Us star’s unexpected swim, it sounds like the highlight of the after party circuit for many celebrities was the presence of Tommy Wiseau.

The enigmatic director of The Room, and the inspiration for James Franco’s award-winning performance in The Disaster Artist, took selfie after selfie with stars who seemed more excited to meet him than vice versa.

Wiseau was at InStyle's afterparty, and reportedly spent a lot of time with former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding. The two showed up in a picture on Sebastian Stan’s Instagram, while Joe Jonas rushed to take a selfie with Wiseau as well.