Miley Cyrus Admits She Used to Bully Hailey Baldwin in 'Carpool Karaoke' Surprise

Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner's episode of Carpool Karaoke officially aired on Friday, Dec. 7, and the two models were joined by surprise guest Miley Cyrus, who revealed that she wasn't exactly the nicest to Baldwin when the two were younger.

"I would be evil to her," Cyrus said of Baldwin, explaining that she used to spend time with Baldwin's sister Alaia Baldwin. "She would try to play with us, like me and Alaia, and then we would lock her out of the room and be evil."

"My older sister and her used to gang up on me," Baldwin interjected, while Cyrus opined that her treatment of Baldwin prepared the 22-year-old for her current status as a celebrity.

"I had to," the "Wrecking Ball" singer said. "It made you who you are, you know? It made you stronger. Now you can always take like the trolls and s—. 'Cause I was such a troll."

With a laugh, Baldwin agreed, "Miley was the biggest troll to me. She prepared me for this industry!"

Before Cyrus made that revelation, she worked her way into the car with the models by animatedly singing along to her hit "Party in the U.S.A." outside the vehicle as Baldwin and Jenner played the song on the radio.

Outside of Cyrus' appearance, Baldwin and Jenner learned a bit more about each other with a lie detector test, with Jenner asking Baldwin if her husband, Justin Bieber, thinks she's "cool."

While Baldwin replied in the affirmative, the test said she was lying, though she told Jenner with a laugh, "I promise you he does."

Baldwin recently opened up about another one of her relationships, sharing a thoughtful post on her Instagram Story about the negativity that can be so prevalent on social media.

"It's hard to focus on your well being and mental health when each time you open Instagram someone is tearing apart your job, or your relationship or essentially any of the things in your life that are positive," she wrote, explaining that taking breaks from social media is essential for her happiness.

The 22-year-old added that while she appreciates being able to interact with her fans and stay in touch with friends, social media can be draining, especially when it's full of negativity.


"I just don't believe we're called to live a life where we're so easily caught up in strangers opinions on something they have NOTHING to do with... we need to express more love and encouragement to one another instead of consistently tearing people down and judging," she concluded. "I won't let people make me feel like I'm doing something wrong by enjoying my life and being happy."

Photo Credit: Apple Music