Miley Cyrus Reveals Christmas Video With George Clooney, Bill Murray and Fans Erupt

Miley Cyrus' latest Instagram post is sure to get all of her fans into the holiday spirit. To mark the Christmas season, the singer posted a throwback video from her time in Netfllix's A Very Murray Christmas with Bill Murray and George Clooney, and the clip will have just about anyone humming along to some Christmas classics.

Back in 2015, Cyrus appeared on the holiday special alongside a slew of other famous guests. In the clip that she recently posted, the singer can be seen dancing along and having a grand time with Clooney, Murray, and musician Paul Shaffer.

While Clooney goes off to make a "martini or two" with Shaffer, Cyrus heads into a rendition of "Sleigh Ride" with Murray right by her side. Even though Murray doesn't join in on the track himself, he does get his dance on with the songstress. "Wishing you ALL a very Murray Christmas!" she captioned the post.

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Cyrus' throwback post was more than enough to make fans go wild. Many "Smilers" were simply overjoyed to see the singer jamming out to some Christmas songs.

"This was iconic, we need a Christmas album from you," one fan commented on Instagram.

"A national treasure [heart emoji] Merry Xmas!" another fan said.

Yet another fan was all about Cyrus' collaboration with Murray. "My two favorite people in the whole world," they wrote. "My Christmas just got a whole lot jollier just watching this. Wishing everyone a very Murray Christmas, and a Miley New Year!!!"

One fan wrote what many were thinking, as they couldn't help but share how much they were into Cyrus' throwback: "I love this too much," they wrote.


The "Mother's Daughter" singer has posted many throwbacks recently in addition to her "Murray Christmas" post. On Dec. 1, Cyrus acknowledged that it was officially Christmas season with a throwback to her 2018 performance of "Happy Xmas (War is Over)." "It’s already December 1st... another year almost over [Christmas tree emoji] throwback to this time in 2018 performing a Christmas classic," she captioned the post.

She also posted another Christmas throwback to when she was a youngster filming a special with her family. In the clip, Cyrus was asked what she wanted for Christmas, to which she replied, "All I want for Christmas is for Pappaw Cleetus to be here." "Never could be just a normal kid with a regular degular answer," Cyrus captioned the clip. And, yes, the festive clip is as adorable as it sounds.