Miley Cyrus Fans Stunned and Confused on Bold New Hairdo

Miley Cyrus debuted a new hairdo this week, revealing to her followers on social media that she now has a modern mullet, which was given to her by her mom, Tish Cyrus. Miley's hairstylist, Sally Hershberger, cleaned up the cut, which Hershberger described as a "modern mullet," and Miley showed off the finished product on her Instagram Story on Tuesday.

Fans were divided about the singer's new look, including Instagram user @MileysGem, who clearly has feelings about the cut and wrote, "This is the worst haircut I've ever laid my eyes on u call urself a hairstylist now this is gonna be all over TMZ and the news plus the locals that don't like Miley are gonna think she's going through a meltdown again why can't we ever win gonna go cry now bye! That was all."

Hershberger clapped back at the fan in question, telling them to "chill out."

"@MileysGem first of all if you knew anything about hair, it's the position she's in that's why it looks that way, it's 100% even and she also had it straightened so it's more severe, which I actually like," she wrote. "That being said, chill out and know it's a modern mullet, which is very cool but it's something you probably aren't even well-versed in sorry but not sorry."

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Many people seemed to agree with @MileysGem, including one user who commented, "What a absolute butcher of a job I think you need to properly look at a mullet this is such a awful cut I am sorry but no way is this a take on a mullet start looking at a proper mullet what a absolute mess."

"Something bad happened in the morning so I opened insta and I saw Miley's new hair and i feel much worse [laughing out loud]," one person tweeted.

Some fans supported Miley's mullet.

"Great cut!! Modern and totally Miley!" one person wrote. Another shared, "It's adorable change can sometimes be a good thing."


Miley is currently recovering from vocal chord surgery and has to remain quiet for several weeks while she recovers.

Photo Credit: Getty / Theo Wargo