Mila Kunis Wears Gym Shorts During Virtual 'Ellen' Appearance

It's not uncommon these days for people to be dressed professionally from the waist up, while dressed casually from the waist down since Zoom meetings and interviews have become everyone's new norm. Mila Kunis, while absolutely stunning, can relate. The mom-of-two showed off her quarantine fashion during an interview segment with Ellen DeGeneres on the comedian's famous show The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was not shy about showing it off.

While playing a new game called "Wheel of Hidden Secrets" Kunis was asked a series of questions that she hilariously laughed her way through answering. At one point, she was asked to show off her best dance moves and she said she could only show from the top up because she was in gym shorts. DeGeneres insisted the actress showed off her look and so she did. Decked out in a black, long sleeve top, she was also matching in color wearing black, long gym shorts.

DeGeneres asked how Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher were doing since the pandemic when it comes to being parents to two young kids, Kunis stressed how much she loves them but noted how it's been a challenge for them both. DeGeneres asked if she had had enough at this point, and Kunis joked by saying yes. The fun-loving couple starred in That 70s Show together for almost 10 years and later went on to marry each other. The two just starred in a Super Bowl commercial together, along with Shaggy, and during an interview with the Jamaican singer, he gushed over the couple admitting he now knows why they make the perfect couple.

"That was amazing on many levels because to just watch the chemistry between them you could tell why they're, you know, why they're a couple," Shaggy told when asked what it was like working with Kunis and Kutcher. Using his experience with them as an example, he says they are a "perfect example of you marrying your best friend," noting their "back-and-forth" comical exchange "just laughing, joking" he said he could tell why they were married.

The singer then mentioned that because of their relationship, "that's why That '70s Show was such a great success, you know what I mean?" Shaggy admitted that he was a little out of his element when filming the commercial that celebrated the 20th anniversary of his fan-favorite song "It Wasn't Me," but said that Kunis and Kutcher made him feel right at home.