'Mighty Ducks' Star Completes Drug Rehabilitation Milestone

Shaun Weiss, who played the goalie Goldberg in the original Mighty Ducks movies, has his life back on track. The former child star completed a court-ordered drug rehabilitation program and had his burglary case dismissed earlier this week, reports TMZ. Weiss, 42, was ordered to attend the rehab program in March 2020 after he was arrested for burglary.

The Yuba County, California District Attorney's Office praised Weiss for finishing the rehab program and shared a new photo of Weiss posing with Yuba County Superior Court Judge Debra Givens. "Shaun demonstrated perseverance during his recovery complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic," the district attorney's office said in a statement. "He had to move treatment and transitional living programs on several occasions. He underwent dental reconstructive surgery, and had a close family member suffer a serious accident during his treatment." The office noted that Weiss has since been able to make guest appearances at events to sign autographs for fans, adding that he "received tremendous support from friends and fans."

Weiss was not invited to a reunion for Mighty Ducks cast members earlier this year, but while promoting the new The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, star Emilio Estevez wished Weiss well. "I'm terribly proud of him. As everyone knows, my family is not immune to that sort of scrutiny," Estevez, whose brother Charlie Sheen struggled with addiction, told Yahoo Entertainment. "I do hold him in high regard and I know getting sober for him is obviously a big deal. The first leg of the journey is now under his belt and in the last photograph I saw, he looks fabulous. I'm encouraged and I'm hopeful."

Aside from the Mighty Ducks movies, Weiss also starred on Boy Meets World, Freaks and Geeks, and The King of Queens. However, in recent years, he made headlines for his shocking mugshots and legal troubles. In January, Weiss celebrated a year of sobriety, according to his close friend, Drew Gallagher. "Happy 1-year-sober for [Weiss]. What a journey and what a recovery!!! So. Damn. Proud," Gallagher wrote at the time.


Gallagher also celebrated Weiss completing the drug rehab program with an inspiring message on Instagram Thursday. "When everyone else gave up on him recovering…we didn't," Gallagher wrote. "Truth is; I failed 1000000 times along the way trying to help. Nothing actually worked. All I did was try to keep him in the game and God moved in and did the rest. I almost gave up a thousand times. From screaming at him to change to realizing how much I needed to grow myself…none of it was anything but super messy and dirty and it pushed me to my brink where I began to even doubt God. Look at Weiss now! He worked so hard for this moment and he deserves it."