'Mighty Ducks' Goalie Shaun Weiss Reunites With Co-Star Drew Gallagher in New Photo Following Meth Arrest

With a Mighty Ducks reboot currently in the works at Disney+, former co-stars Shaun Weiss and Drew Gallagher recently had a mini reunion of their own. On March 26, the duo stepped out together for a meal, with Gallagher sharing a picture of the outing on Facebook. The reunion came just months after Weiss, who portrayed Goldberg in the beloved 1992 film, was arrested for burglary and for being under the influence of methamphetamine.

Providing an update for fans, Gallagher wrote that his former co-star "is in a great new facility and is thriving," a positive sign that will bring relief to fans who were concerned for the actor following his recent string of legal troubles and his drug addiction. In January, Weiss was arrested and booked into the Yuba County Jail on charges of residential burglary and for being under the influence of methamphetamine after he broke into a car in a Marysville, California garage.

"The homeowner said he was the only person that lived at this residence and no one had permission to be inside," the Marysville Police Department said in a statement at the time. "Officers noticed shattered glass on the ground and observed that the passenger window to the vehicle was broken. The male was identified through his California Driver's License as Shaun Weiss."


Weiss was held on $52,500 bail. Two months later, he was released from jail and entered rehab, first going to a hospital in Orange County for the beginning of his treatment and one week of detox. At the time, TMZ reported that Weiss would spend 90 days in a Southern California rehab facility before heading to an intensive outpatient/partial aftercare sober-house program. He would then enter a sober living home.

Some of those plans have changed, however. The outlet now reports that due to the coronavirus pandemic, Weiss was recently transferred to a different facility. The transfer was due to concerns over his health, as he is among the at-risk groups due to him having diabetes and was therefore unable to be kept with the facility’s main population, sources claimed. His team quickly found him a new facility, where he is continuing to seek treatment.