Michelle Rodriguez on Why It's a Man's World: 'You're Missing the Feminine Spirit'

Fate of the Furious star Michelle Rodriguez was recently asked her thoughts about the string of sexual misconducts allegations sweeping Hollywood and she offered her thoughts in depth.

While speaking to a TMZ cameraman, Rodriguez was asked what she thinks about politicians who are accused of sexual harassment or assault getting to keep their jobs but Hollywood men get fired.

"No, no, no, listen. There's a missing link. When you're about to move into A.I., and you're about to move into a next stage of evolution for humanity, right? You're missing one thing. You're missing the feminine spirit," Rodriguez said." And the feminine spirit is something that hasn't been discovered. It's only been interpreted by men."

"We're living in a patriarchal society. It's a man's world. Nobody's gonna deny that. Nobody wants to take that from them. What we're trying to say is that you're not inclusive," the 39-year-old actress continued.

"At some point, as that nature disappears and as the 'dominate, conquer' attitude seems to not be efficient and functional, you start to realize something's missing. And it's a voice. And that that voice is the voice of a woman," Rodrigues added.


Finally, she concluded her statement by saying, "And that's why all of this is happening, and that's what I had to say."