Michael Jackson's Son Blanket Has Changed Over the Years: See What Twitter Is Saying

Michael Jackson's son Blanket has changed a lot over the years, and Twitter has some thoughts [...]

Michael Jackson's son Blanket has changed a lot over the years, and Twitter has some thoughts about it.

Blanket — real name, Prince Michael Jackson II — attended a screening of Avengers: Endgame with his brother, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (known as Prince), and some friends.

The youngest child of Michael Jackson is all grown up now and people are not sure how to handle it.

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"Blanket Jackson looks SO grown up!" one fan tweeted out.

"This Boy is beautiful!!!" another person said, "Your father must be very happy to see him grow happy!"

"I know I'm weird but I CAN'T tell you how much I missed him. OMFGGGGGGGGG LIKE THIS MADE MY NIGHT LITERALLY. I NEED SOME HOLY WATER," someone else commented.

Notably, some Internet users referred to Blanket by using his nickname, Bigi, such as one who exclaimed, "BABY BIGI OMG," according to Hollywood Life.

The only Jackson missing from the new photo is Paris, who is reportedly busy with her band, The Sunflowers.

She also recently suffered a medical emergency, that was believed to have been a possible suicide attempt, though Paris has denied the allegation.

According to a source who spoke with the Daily Mail, Paris was "partying really hard" and things took a rough turn.

"It turned into a pretty crazy night, and she had been acting a little out of control," the source said. "But she says she accidentally cut her arm with kitchen scissors, and it wasn't a suicide attempt. At the hospital she continued acting wildly and the doctors wanted to keep her in for observation for at least three days."

"Of course she's upset about the allegations against her dad and everyone being up in her business," the source continued, "But not suicidal."

Some time later, a separate source revealed that Paris was doing much better, telling E! News, "She is really on the mend and is listening to people who are giving her solid direction. She's been much more positive lately, so it's great to know she is doing a lot better."

"Everyone is hoping this is going to be a new day for Paris," the second source added.