Meghan McCain Shades Donald Trump Amid Tight Race in Arizona

Meghan McCain is among the many Americans keeping their eyes on the election results as votes continue to be counted, and the tight race in the state of Arizona isn't going over her head. As the longtime GOP state continues to tally votes, The View co-host took to Instagram with a bit of shade towards President Donald Trump.

Shared with her more than 440,000 followers, McCain reacted to the Copper State’s race, which is currently favoring Biden with a slim lead, in a meme-perfect way. She shared a screenshot of a tweet from Zach Schwarts making use of the now iconic Michael Jordan meme. In the tweet, Schwartz wrote, "Trump: *spends 4 years talking s— about John McCain*," with Arizona's response to those remarks being, "…and I took that personally." McCain shared the screenshot alongside eyes emoji and cactus emoji.

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At this time, the fate of Arizona's 11 electoral votes remains in limbo. Although the Associated Press declared Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden the winner in the state, which would flip a longtime GOP state that Trump won in 2016 blue, the state is largely assumed to still be up for grabs with the potential to swing either way. As of this posting, a New York Times election results map shows Biden leading in the state with 50.5% of the votes, Trump trailing by more than two percentage points with 48.1% of the vote. The outlet reports that 86% of the estimated vote has been counted. The AP notes that many of the remaining votes to be counted include mail-in ballots in Maricopa County, where Biden performed strongly. It is widely agreed upon that a large portion of mail-in ballots this year favor the Democratic opponent.

As McCain seemed to suggest, the state currently leaning blue after so many years of leaning red could perhaps be the result of Trump's criticisms of the McCain family, namely John McCain, who represented the state in Congress from 1983 until his 2018 death. Trump's attacks on the late senator began not long after his death, with the president criticizing the McCain family for not thanking him for "approving" the senator's funeral. Earlier this year, a report published in The Atlantic claimed that Trump had called the senator, a Vietnam War hero, a "f—ing loser."

As a result, both McCain and her mother, Cindy McCain, suggested that they would not be voting for the Republican ticket in 2020, and would instead be voting for Joe Biden. Addressing her endorsement of Biden, Cindy said that she "decided to take a stand, and hopefully, other people will see the same thing. Other women particularly." She said that "Biden is by far the best candidate in the race."