Meghan McCain's Little Sister Bridget Revealed in Rare Birthday Tribute Photo

Meghan McCain is sending birthday wishes to her younger sister Bridget McCain, who turned 28 this week. On Monday, The View co-host took to Instagram to pen a sweet message to her little sister, who is the youngest daughter of late Senator John McCain.

"Happy happy happy Birthday to my sister Bridget," McCain wrote. "@bridgyyyyboo - I love you so much. You are all that is kind and beautiful in this world!"

McCain shared the message alongside a photo of herself and Bridget.

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Described as "a large, close-knit brood, Bridget was welcomed into the McCain family fold after Cindy McCain traveled to a Bangladeshi orphanage in 1991, where she had a life-changing encounter with two baby girls.

"One had a heart problem the other a severe cleft palate. Cindy was very concerned about their ability to survive and their need for medical treatment, so she decided to bring them here for medical treatment," McCain told in 2000, according to PEOPLE. "She fell in love with both of them. We decided to adopt Bridget. Two close friends of ours, adopted Mickey, the other child."

Although many of the McCain children have enjoyed their time in the public spotlight, Bridget has notably remained absent from it, though she made headlines in March after she spoke out against President Donald Trump following his continued attacks against her father and their family for not delivering a "thank you" for "approving" the senator's funeral last year.

"Everyone doesn't have to agree with my dad or like him, but I do ask you to be decent and respectful," Bridget wrote on Twitter. "If you can't do those two things, be mindful. We only said goodbye to him almost 7 months ago."


"Even if you were invited to my dad's funeral, you would have only wanted to be there for the credit and not for any condolences," she added. "Unfortunately, you could not be counted on to be courteous, as you are a child in the most important role the world knows."

Her fierce word drew a round of support, including from her older sister, who praised Bridget in a post shortly after, writing that her "strength and grace continues to help carry us all through our grief."