Meghan McCain Blasts Kanye West as 'Unhinged and Erratic' After Presidential Run Announcement

On Sunday, Meghan McCain weighed in on Kanye West's proposed run for president, calling the rapper [...]

On Sunday, Meghan McCain weighed in on Kanye West's proposed run for president, calling the rapper "unhinged and erratic." McCain came down hard on West and on the news media, suggesting that he was being "taken seriously as a presidential candidate." She called this a sign of systemic misogyny.

McCain wrote that "there is no woman on planet earth" who could behave the way West has in the past few years and then make a serious bid for the presidency. "Women are punished for raising our voices on TV, let alone saying things like 'slavery was a choice.'" Her tweet branched off into a few other discussions, with followers picking apart her presumption that West was being "taken seriously as a presidential candidate," for one thing. Others presented examples of women running comparable campaigns with comparably outlandish quotes.

Followers asked McCain to point out anyone she believed was taking West seriously, arguing that there are none. Even if they agreed with her about his "unhinged and erratic" behavior, they thought that her righteous indignation was out of place.

Meanwhile, many pointed out figures like Marianne Williamson or Jill Stein, who ran presidential campaigns and made their fair share of strange remarks over the years. Most recently, Williamson's writings on New Age spirituality spawned some of her best-remembered quotes, which circulated widely during her run for president.

Even as they retorted at McCain, however, most of her followers had harsh words for West as well. The rapper declared that he is running for president on Saturday night in a grand announcement on Twitter. However, according to a report by CNN, West has not taken any steps to truly enter the race.

"We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future," West tweeted. "I am running for president of the United States!" He punctuated his tweet with the hashtag "2020 Vision."

Many of West's die-hard fans from the world of fashion and music immediately tweeted their support for this theoretical campaign, though it was hard to suss out the jokes from the serious endorsements. Additionally, even with his massive resources, there is little chance that West can get registered with the Federal Election Commission in time to make a serious bid for the presidency.

West has reportedly already missed the deadline to register as an independent candidate in many states in the U.S., meaning his only slim chance of winning the presidency would be as a write-in candidate. If he achieves that distant dream in 2020, McCain is apparently ready and waiting to be his first big media critic.