Meghan Markle Reportedly 'Mortified' by Jessica Mulroney 'White Privilege' Incident

Meghan Markle is reportedly "mortified" after her best friend, celebrity stylist Jessica Mulroney, was called out over her "white privilege" by lifestyle blogger Sasha Exeter. The former athlete accused Mulroney of taking "offense" to her post asking other social media influencers to join in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Canadian broadcaster CTV and ABC have both cut ties with Mulroney in the wake of the scandal.

Another of Markle's close friends told the Daily Mail the Duchess of Sussex is "absolutely mortified" that she was "dragged" into the scandal. Although Markle does not think Mulroney is racist, she considers Mulroney's handling of the situation "tone-deaf" and "heartbreaking," the friend said, adding how Markle also feels she can no longer be publicly associated with the stylist. "She has to do what she has to do in order to preserve her dignity and her own reputation," the source alleged.

It would not be surprising if the scandal marked the "beginning of the end of their friendship," the Daily Mail source said, later adding that Markle cannot publicly defend Mulroney. "There was a reason Meghan waited to so long to make a statement," the source explained, referring to Markle's recent commencement address to Los Angeles students in which she discussed race. "She wanted to get it right. She said she urged Jessica to do the same thing from the get-go."

Mulroney's scandal began when Exeter shared a 12-minute video on Instagram to describe her "Amy Cooper experience," referring to the New York woman who called police after a black bird watcher asked her to put her dog on a leash in Central Park. Exeter described "a series of very problematic behavior and antics that ultimately resulted in [Mulroney] sending me a threat in writing" in the video. She said she was not saying Mulroney is racist but is "very well aware of her wealth, her perceived power and privilege because of the color of her skin," which gave her the confidence to go after Exeter's "livelihood." She considered Mulroney's behavior a clear example of "white privilege." In her video, Exeter pointed out that Mulroney's friend Markle is "arguably one of the most famous Black women in the world."


Mulroney first posted an apology on Exeter's post and included a reference to Markle as well. However, Exeter shared a screenshot of a private message Mulroney sent her, in which Mulroney apparently threatened to sue Exeter for libel. After she was called out on this, Mulroney posted a longer apology on Instagram, apologizing for a feud that "got out of hand." Mulroney admitted she was wrong to take Exeter's comments "personally," adding, "I know I need to do better. Those of us with a platform must use it to speak out."

Amid the scandal, Bell Media and CTV announced it would no longer carry Mulroney's reality show I Do, Redo. ABC told the Daily Mail Mulroney will no longer appear as a guest on Good Morning America. The Canadian department store Hudson's Bay also ended its partnership with Mulroney. The 40-year-old is married to celebrity reporter, Ben Mulroney, the eldest son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.