'Friends' Fans Send Love to Matthew Perry Amid Health Scare

Matthew Perry has received an outpouring of support in the wake of the revelation that he has been hospitalized for three months.

The Friends star has been recovering from a gastrointestinal perforation. He underwent surgery for the ailment, which is defined as a hole in the gastrointestinal tract.

He reached out to his followers on Twitter on Friday to revealed he has been bedridden for three months as a result of the recovery. In return they showered him with kind thoughts.

"Three months in a hospital bed. Check," Perry wrote.

Perry's tweet has racked up 13,000 likes, showing that he have a lot of followers sending him love. However, it is the more than 2,600 replies to his message that shows the Friends faithful are pulling for the 49-year-old actor.

The top reply was from a huge fan of the sitcom that had a tattoo inspired by the show's logo. The fan said the series helped them through some rough times and wanted to pass well wishes onto him in his time of need.

"Friends helped me a lot and was with me in the best and worst moments," the fan wrote. "Thank you so much! You're my favorite character, I love you."

Some fans simply shared gifs starring Perry as Friends character Chandler Bing accompanied by their own words of inspiration.

"I hope you get perfectly well soon," a fan wrote. "Love you so much Matty."

While Perry's exact condition is still unknown, fans hoped that the tweet was a sign that he was improving.

"Hope you're feeling better Matthew," one fan wrote. "Sending you so so much love."

Another fan added, "We've missed you so much! Praying that you're doing better! Sending you lots of love."

Perry has not elaborated on his condition, but his representatives say "he is grateful for the concern and asks for continued privacy as he heals."


Photo Credit: Getty Images / David M. Benett