Kathy Griffin Claims She Knew About Matt Lauer's Sexual Misconduct, Puts NBC Exec on Blast

Kathy Griffin has been totally unfiltered this year, on everything from politics to the rotten underbelly of the entertainment industry. The new emerging social climate, where sexual harassment is getting coverage and exposure, has folded nicely into her act, and now she says that she knew about Matt Lauer long before this week's allegations came to light.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday morning — just as the news of Lauer's termination broke — Griffin wrote that she's been speaking out about Lauer for a while now.

Griffin says here that Lauer is on her "list," and that she "pretty much recites the list in every show." Griffin is referring to her new, no-holds-barred comedy act, which she just took a world tour called the "Laugh Your Head Off" comedy tour. Of course, her replies are full of fans begging her to publish the list. Considering how flippant she's been about calling people out and saying what's on her mind lately, there's a chance she'll do just that.

A fan verified that Griffin had been talking about Lauer's off-screen reputation as a predator before the news of his dismissal ever broke.

In her last tweet on the subject, Griffin called out an NBC News producer, Jim Bell. She claims that Bell told her NBC "wouldn't consider a woman to host Meet the Press." She also says "it's way bigger than Matt Lauer" — implying that systemic misogyny within the network goes deeper than one predatory co-host.


Griffin has been in a revelatory mood ever since she was criticized earlier this year for a controversial image showing her holding the severed head of President Donald Trump. After that, Griffin said she was blacklisted from Hollywood, and began a new tactic of airing everyone's dirty laundry in public forums. The culmination of this new side of Griffin was her "Laugh Your Head Off" comedy tour.