Mary-Kate Olsen Loses Bid to Submit Emergency Divorce Filing

Mary-Kate Olsen's request for an emergency order to divorce Olivier Sarkozy has been denied by a New York court. The fashion designer had requested the order Wednesday after initially attempting to file for divorce on April 17, only to learn that New York courts were not accepting anything but emergency divorce filings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

PEOPLE reported Thursday by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz had denied Olsen's emergency order, deciding it was "not an essential matter." However, the twin sister of Ashley Olsen alleged in her filing, obtained by the outlet, that Sarkozy is trying to force her out of their New York City apartment by May 18 after terminating their lease without her knowledge.

"This application is an emergency because my husband expects me to move out of our home on Monday, May 18, 2020, in the middle of New York City being on pause due to COVID-19," Olsen said in her affadavit. "I am petrified that my husband is trying to deprive me of the home that we have lived in and if he is successful, I will not only lose my home but I risk losing my personal property as well."

The actress added she is also "gravely concerned that my husband will dissipate, dispose of and/or secret not only my separate property belongings but also our marital property belongings that are in the Gramercy Apartment."


"My husband is trying to force me out of our home by his failure to renew the lease on the Gramercy Apartment which he terminated without my consent," Olsen continued, adding of her husband's request she vacate the apartment by Monday, "This is impossible given the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also impossible for me to find a new apartment on such short notice."

Sarkozy and Olsen married in November 2015 after three years of dating, but Olsen's dedication to her work reportedly caused a rift in their marriage. "She's super career focused and he's very French and wanted her to be more available," a source close to the couple told PEOPLE Thursday. "You can't control a girl who has been on the billionaire track since her 20s." While the couple's 16-year age gap initially sparked scrutiny when Olsen, now 33, first began dating the banker, she told The Wall Street Journal in 2012 of her life motto. "Everyone has an opinion. I find it’s better to focus on what’s in front of you and to keep putting one foot in front of the other.”