Marvel and DC Comics Icon George Perez Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer

Marvel and DC Comics icon George Perez has announced that he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Perez, 67, is a comics artist who worked on major characters such as The Avengers, Teen Titans, Taskmaster and Wonder Woman, among others, and has long been a highly respected member of the comics community. Sadly, Perez took to Facebook this week to reveal that his doctors informed him that he has stage three pancreatic cancer. He also explained to his fans that he was told he likely has six months to one year to live.

Perez then shared the news that he has chosen to skip treatment and live out his remaining days on his own terms. "I have been given the option of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy," he wrote, "but after weighing all the variables and assessing just how much of my remaining days would be eaten up by doctor visits, treatments, hospital stays and dealing with the often stressful and frustrating bureaucracy of the medical system, I've opted to just let nature take its course and I will enjoy whatever time I have left as fully as possible with my family, friends, and fans." Perez retired from the comics industry in 2019 but says that he plans to do at least one more big public appearance so that he can greet fans a final time.

"This is not a message I enjoyed writing, especially during the Holiday Season, but, oddly enough, I'm feeling the Christmas spirit more now than I have in many years," Perez wrote in the conclusion of this message. "Maybe it's because it will likely be my last. Or maybe because I am enveloped in the loving arms of so many who love me as much as I love them. It's quite uplifting to be told that you've led a good life, that you've brought joy to so many lives and that you'll be leaving this world a better place because you were part of it." 


Many of Perez's fans and peers have since taken to social media to express their love and support, with Ant-Man film franchise director Peyton Reed tweeting, "To George Pérez: The work you did on The Fantastic Four and The Avengers in the latter half of the 70s blew me away as a kid. I devoured every issue you drew and love them to this day. Sending you my love and gratitude. Thank you."