Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray Frontman, Helps a Woman Break up With Her Boyfriend on Camera

When life handed a woman lemons in the form of a failing long-distance relationship, she added [...]

When life handed a woman lemons in the form of a failing long-distance relationship, she added Sugar Ray front-man Mark McGrath to help her break up with her boyfriend. It all started when a woman named Cheyenne used the Cameo app to hire McGrath to end things with her boyfriend, Bradyn. Cameo is a service where users can hire available celebrities to send video messages to their loved ones, or in this case, their former loved ones. Based on what McGrath says in the video, it appears as if Cheyenne chose him to be her bearer of bad news based on the fact that Sugar Ray is Bradyn's favorite band.

In the clip, McGrath says, "She wants you to know that you mean a lot to her," adding, "You mean the world to her. But she's having difficulty staying in this long-distance relationship."

McGrath attempted to soften the blow by relating his own experience of being on the road frequently due to touring, which causes tension in his marriage at times.

"She still wants to be friends with you, and she wants you to know, good luck on your thesis coming up — probably not the best timing, Cheyenne, when he's doing his thesis, but I understand!" he added.

Ever since the clip went viral, many Twitter users have commented on it, with one offering, "Some things to think about: 1. It's hilarious that he rubs having a wife in during a breakup video 2. He says this is his 1st one of these. Does he mean 1st breakup vid? Or 1st cameo vid in general? Cus how bad would his luck be if this was his very first cameo request ever lmao."

Another user joked, "I was REALLY hoping that video was going to end with a woman wearing a towel walking up behind him and him turning to her and saying 'was that good, Cheyenne?' "

"1.Does Mark McGrath ever age? Dude has looked the same since like 1999. 2. I thought this was going to be something as 'Hey man um, your girlfriend is done with you! Have a nice one!' So, least she went easy on the break-up but this is pretty cool. Sucks for the guy but, eh," one last Twitter user wrote.

Photo Credit: Mindy Small / FilmMagic / Getty Images