Mariska Hargitay Overwhelmed by Melissa McCarthy's Get Well 'Prayer' Sign

Like most of Mariska Hargitay's fans wishing her a speedy recovery for her recent ankle injury, her good friend Melissa McCarthy sent along some well wishes to the star. With a giant sign in the middle of the Los Angeles streets the Bridesmaids star asked the passing cars to "Honk if you're praying for Mariska Hargitay's recovery." Hargitay responded to the stunt, almost at a loss for words. "Believe it or not, she sent me an even longer video that was pretty epic," Hargitay tells PEOPLE, while dishing on her recent cameo in a music video for Grace Gaustad's song "93 Days." "I was absolutely blown away. I couldn't even speak when I saw it."

McCarthy shared the original photo to her Instagram page. "If you can't produce quality care for your friend after ankle surgery, the next best this is obviously standing outside Wienerschnitzel with a sign," she wrote, tagging Hargitay's Instagram handle in the caption. It's no wonder why the Law & Order star kept gushing that her friend is "the most fun and the most creative" person. "She's just a genius. She literally blew my mind, it was crazy," Hargitay says. "She's pure magic, that one."

Hargitay reposted the original video to her story as well as her page. "Honk if you're blown away by Melissa Mccarthy's heart and humor. Might be worth breaking my ankle for," she wrote in the caption. Hargitay sustained the injury to her ankle after leaving a special screening of Black Widow in the Hamptons over the Fourth of July weekend. During the rainy night, the actress slipped while leaving the event and was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with an ankle sprain. She later gave fans an update on her journey to recovery, sharing an Instagram photo last week. Hargitay showed off her injured foot while wearing a bandage wrap and her shearling Birkenstock."My summer look," she said, adding the hashtags "specialankleunit," "crackingthecase," "theselittlepiggieswenttotheER," and "agonyofdefeet,"


She promises she won't be down for too long as she looks to get back into work on the famous cop drama. "I am getting better every day and very excited to go back to work and keep the streets of New York City safe," she tells PEOPLE.