Mama June Opens up About Her Relationship With Geno After 'From Not to Hot' Ultimatum

Mama June Shannon is speaking up about her relationship with Geno Doak shortly after the Mama [...]

Mama June Shannon is speaking up about her relationship with Geno Doak shortly after the Mama June: From Not to Hot episode featuring a rejected surprise wedding proposal.

The reality star is happily in love with Doak, but she is ready for him to take the next step from boyfriend to husband. Mama June took to Intagram to post a throwback shot of the pair from two years ago following her gastric sleeve surgery, adding how much she wants to get married.

(Photo: Instagram/Mama June Shannon)

"I know people have asked but me and geno r not married are real names are June Shannon and Geno Doak so you can look anywhere as that is public record n yes on the show it was real when I gave him the ultimatum our show is not scripted we bring the real back into reality," she wrote in the caption, as first reported by PEOPLE.

She admitted that Doak "is the person I've overthought about wanting to spend the rest of my life with because he makes not just me but the girls happy too and that's what matters the most so hopefully one day he will give me the commitment I am looking for and wanting for quite some time or at least put some kind of ring on it."

Shannon did acknowledge that as ready as she is to tie the knot, she understands why Doak might be nervous about popping the question. However, she does believe it will happen soon.

"A girl can always dream I know that he is scared but at this point I am honestly looking to take that next step in our relationship," she said. "It really hurt me to actually say either step up or I'm going to have to walk away but I know my girls want the best for me and I know that he is little scared as he was married for many years and I am only his second serious relationship his whole entire life.

"Yes I know it is a shocker with him being almost 43 years old but I know he is scared to take the next step in our relationship but hopefully he will come around because I honestly do love him with all of my heart and totally in love with him and I'm happy with him as we are together 24/7," said Shannon, adding the hashtags "#oldiebutgood #hoping4more #maybe1day #trulove @doakgeno."

During last Friday's episode of From Not to Hot, Mama June was inspired to surprise guests at her daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon's wedding in Vegas, and Doak, saying she'd also like to get married too.

Clearly disgruntled, Doak lashed out at Shannon.

"I asked you before, slow down," Geno said. "Please stop. Don't do this s—." He added that June shouldn't have "f—ing booked" the wedding in the first place.

June hastily apologized. "Look I'm really sorry about tonight, I got caught up in the wedding and forgot to cancel," she said to him. "I shouldn't have done that okay?"

While June was a little embarrassed over the way things played out, she admitted that she was a little happy they were finally having a conversation about their future. She explained that if they weren't moving toward marriage then she would have to "walk away."

"That's f—ed up," Geno replied. "That's really f—ed up."

The episode ended rather tensely, but they are reportedly still together after the fact. Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.