Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Viewers Call out Jimmy Fallon for 'Massively Disappointing' Performance With The Roots

While millions look forward to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade each year, it seems as though this year has had a few disappointing performances as fans share their feelings via social media. Along with Celine Dion and Beetlejuice, fans of the annual celebration seem less than amused with Jimmy Fallon and his performance with The Roots.

While lip-syncing is pretty common during celebrations like this, several viewers are calling people out on it more than ever this year.

Someone else online told Fallon that he straight up sucks after his parade bit.

Another Twitter user used the word "toolishness" to describe the night host.

Beetlejuice also let down onlookers who vented their dismay regarding the song being about death.

The parade nearly didn't even go on as planned; forecasted winds of up to 40 mph could have grounded the parade's iconic, massive balloons, out of fear that they could cause injury to attendees. However, New York Police Department officers gave the parade the OK to fly the balloons — although they are at a lower height than usual.


Ahead of the annual event, Macy's executive director of special events told Al Roker during the Today show that the balloons were cleared for takeoff, but that they'll fly a bit lower than usual.

"We're gonna start them off and we're gonna fly," the executive said. "They'll be flying a little lower but we'll see how it goes."